Design relation can't be added from author form

Because of the known search problem I couldn’t add a relation to a design agency from the edition form.
So I tried to do it from the author form. But the relation “designed” is missing in the relation list.
It would be nice to add this.

One workaround is to copy and paste the BB url of the design agency credit into the Edition page editor. This will force it to show.

copy and paste this section: Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 8.46.48 pm

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hmm good idea but you can’t paste anything into the relation form. Where did you paste it?

It might be that I have misunderstood the problem.

What I understand is that you want to add a design relationship in an Edition, but the Author name you are typing isn’t returned due to a search problem.

If that is correct, then you can overcome this by copying the BB url of the design agency Author credit and then pasting it into the Edition page editor. I have a Mac, so the paste shortcut is Command + V (Windows 10 Ctrl + V). Just remember to right click your mouse in the ‘Select…’ field to get the cursor in position before you paste.

I apologise if you already know this. It could be that you have another issue.

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ahhh…thx. It works indeed with the shortcut. It just doesn’t work with the right mouse button.
I solved the problem by prolonging the name of the agency and changed it back afterwards.
But this is of couse much easier :wink:


Yes, I should have mentioned you need to use the shortcut paste method. If you can’t paste with the mouse then that is the fallback solution.

I commented on this subject to @mr_monkey ages ago: Error: Work not showing in dropdown menu for adding to Edition