Descriptive title in Soundtrack Style

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Hello, especially @Hawke.
Ultra pedantic nitpicking topic.

In your Soundtrack Style guideline STYLE-114, I see the concept of descriptive title — that follows the film name then a comma — which is good.

But for me as a descriptive title, it has the extra title information status (ETI), hasn’t it?
Here what it would result with your examples:

In other words, are love theme, staff roll, sad theme, opening credits, entracte background music, Bob’s theme, battle theme, alternate ending credits music, crippled man theme, really titles?

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My favourite type of topic :wink:

The third example is different from the first two, “first season” is definitely not a title and I would put it in lowercase. The first two I think I would uppercase.

Are you saying that ETI = descriptive title? That’s not really what the guideline says.

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I mean ETI is always something descriptive, informative, without being a title or a part of a title.

I agree in most cases, but I think it’s often more akin to “unofficial titles

If the track is widely known under an unofficial name, you can use that name between square brackets (conforming to the Capitalization Standard) as track name instead.

For example, Imperial March has many recordings simply titled “Darth Vader’s Theme” but as far as I am aware the official title is “The Imperial March”

On the other hand I think the “love theme” from Superman and the “first season” information of the Twilight Zone main title, are indeed closer to ETI as you suggest.

As I’m sure you see, the actual works are stored in the database accordingly. In fact, the style guideline does not specify how the titles should be capitalized. I’m not sure how ETI-in-the-disambiguation would normally be handled, I don’t think there are any guidelines for that. I assume it would fall back to the same guidelines as titles but it’s not clear.

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Oh I didn’t even see those recordings were ETI!
I think it’s then time to fix the guideline to make things consistent:

I agree to not touch Dark Vador’s Theme. :wink:

The guideline doesn’t make any sense now

  • Imperial March (Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader’s Theme) This track has a descriptive title
  • Can You Read My Mind? (Superman: The Movie, love theme) This track has a descriptive title

There are two “descriptive titles” that are capitalised differently: “Darth Vader’s Theme” and “love theme”.

Please do not change the guidelines directly, unless it’s just for a typo or the like.

I’ve moved your changed version to for now - let’s look at it further since clearly not everyone agrees yet :slight_smile:

IMO the most reasonable option for the Superman one is Can You Read My Mind? (Superman: The Movie, “Love Theme”) - I’d expect to find this credited in random compilations as “Love Theme from Superman”.

Main Title (The Twilight Zone, first season) does seem quite reasonable in lowercase, though :slight_smile:


Sorry, I thought there was some sort of wiki validation transclusion workflow in place. :smirk:

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There is :slight_smile: But that doesn’t help if people find the stuff directly from the wiki, which still shows the last version anyway. No worries, anyway, just for the future! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @reosarevok!

  1. Go to the official guideline /Style/ThisThat
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select all, copy
  4. Go to /User:Me/Style/ThisThat
  5. Click Create
  6. Paste

Is it how you did or is there any special wiki button to duplicate a page?


That’s what I did, yeah :slight_smile:


But if the “descriptive title” is really a common alternative title, would that then not belong simply in the list of aliases, and not duplicated in the disambig? Especually since primary aliases show up (or used to) in search results.

Yeah, in this case, I’d definitely also expect it to be an alias. But since aliases don’t show on searches, sometimes the disambiguation might be needed too if it’s a very common name.

It should not be a primary alias if it’s not the primary name :slight_smile:

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When we set multilingual primary aliases, one of them might be the entity name for sure. :slight_smile: