Deleting iTunes tags

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Anyone know a way to delete iTunes comment tags like Comment [iTunes_CDDB_1] or Comment [iTunSMPB]? Just deleting them inside Picard doesn’t actually remove them. After reloading the files they are right back there. It actually seems to be interfering with Clementine reading my actual comments.

MP3TAG ( )

That will let you select HUNDREDS of music files at the same time. Then in the left hand margin you can set ALL the comments to blank in one click.

Handy tool to have alongside Picard.

Darn, I was hoping for something in Picard. But I suppose I can fire up a Windows VM for this. MP3TAG is a very good program - it was one of the last things I had trouble replacing when I switched to Linux!


You might want to have a look at puddletag, which is a Linux program similar to MP3Tag. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard good things about it.

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Picard can do it, but not as efficiently as you require. You can edit the Comment on the right hand panel of Picard but you still have to apply all the other Picardian changes.

With MP3Tag and I assume Puddletag you can just focus on the tag you need to change.

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Oh, good point. I should try Puddletag again. Thanks!

EDIT: That worked. Perfect! Thanks again.

I just experienced this myself while trying to remove some obsolete tags from my files. I have opened and fixed issue PICARD-1428. The fix should be in Picard 2.1 due to be released soon.


Wow, excellent. Thanks for that quick turnaround. Also glad to hear about 2.1 being around the corner.

MP3tag is great but be aware that it messes up any multi-value tags from Picard. Usually it leaves only the first value intact. My library is all ALAC files so I’m not sure if the issue is limited to that format.

I usually use MP3tag to add the ITUNESADVISORY tag (0=default; 1=Explicit; 2=Clean Version). Then I run the file back through Picard again to fix anything like the Artists tag that got messed up.