“Delete your listens” won't delete Reports/Listen Activity


I tried ‘reseting’ my listens on ListenBrainz so that I could remove some duplicates after importing from Last.FM a second time (relative to LB-314). Using ‘Delete your listens’ seems to only work for the scrobbles but not the overall activity numbers, so now I have double of everything in the reports tab.

Is there a way of reseting everything on ListenBrainz including the Listen Activity/Reports tab? I do have a ‘backup’ on Last.FM so I can import everything again. I won’t mind creating a new account but just wondering if there’s a fix.

My ListenBrainz user is the same as here


A lot of these things are not immediate – the stats only get generated daily and the actual deletes now happen on a periodic basis too.

How long has it been since you deleted your listens?


Oh ok, I deleted them yesterday and I could see the changes in almost no time so I though it was done. I’ll wait then, thanks :smiley:

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I took at a look at your account and listens/listen counts are there. Did you re-import? Are things better now?

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Yes it was all finished on the same day of deleting the listens, I was waiting for the “reports” tab to update and they did after a few days (2-4 I think), everything is correct now, thanks :smiley:

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Yeah, your timing was bad unfortunately. When we dump our data, our data pipeline is tied up for nearly a whole day with the dumping duties, so that is why it took so long for you to get your stats updated.

There is always something that needs improving. :slight_smile:

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