"Delete your listens" option


I have imported all of the listening / scrobbling history from my last.fm account to my Listenbrainz account before I started scrobbling directly to Listenbrainz. On the Listenbrainz Settings page there’s the option “Delete your listens” and it says “This will delete all your listens imported into Listenbrainz” but, just to be on the safe side and make sure that I’m not confused with the terminology, does it means that it’ll delete only the listens that I have imported from last.fm to Listenbrainz or will it reset all of my listening history including what I have scrobbled directly to Listenbrainz?

I’d like to delete what was imported from last.fm and keep only what I have scrobbled directly to Listenbrainz, if that’s what this option does.


Hi! This option will delete all listens you have in ListenBrainz regardless of how they ended up there. We currently don’t have an option to delete only Last.FM imported listens.


Understood! Thanks for the reply!

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