Delete post

how do i delete a post?

If you mean in this forum itself, then you should have a “…” icon by the Reply arrow, which you can click to open a bigger menu including a trash bin icon for delete. I think that’s not only an admin tool, at least, but not sure…

There is no Trash icon, just a 4th icon to bookmark a post.

The Trash icon is only visible, if your own post is the last one:

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You have written no posts yet but you are already worrying about how to delete therm? :roll_eyes:

You can also use the flag button to report a thread so an administrator can look at it. But as this is your only post I really wonder which one you want to delete :slight_smile:

Aha, confused? Well it’s simple if you think about it…I posted a topic which I then wanted to delete but couldn’t, so instead I edited it to read - “How do I delete a post?” - the original post was a rant, and I decided against making my frustrations about this site public.

Hope this solves the mystery.