Delay start of analysis so they can be clustered

I have a release (50 R&B Hits by uDiscover - When I drag the folder to the input panel, MusicBrainz immediately starts to analyse the tracks and I end up with 40 individual releases, none of which are the correct release that I am try to catalogue.

How do I delay the analysis so I can cluster the songs?

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That probably means they already have MBIDs. If I’m remembering correctly, you can just drag them back to the middle panel and cluster from there.
Alternately, if the correct release already exists, drag it from your browser to Picard and drag the mismatched songs to that release inside the right panel.

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Yeah - sometimes a “STOP” button in Picard would be handy. Gets even worse when artwork is also being downloaded.

These can all be “corrected” by dragging into the relevant release. It will happen with compilations a LOT as tracks can appear on so many locations. Also find it happens on re-release albums too when.

Once you have the correct release spotted, you can then drag everything into that release and then upload the AcousticIDs after sorting it all out on your screen. This then means that next time it is more likely to get it all correct.

If the files already have MBIDs, you can also go to Options/General and check “Ignore MBIDs when loading new files”.


Also make sure to disable in Options / General “Automatically scan all new files” (it is disabled by default, but maybe you activated it).