Déjà vu - that same old feeling

G’day @mr_monkey you might remember me as AgathaCrustie (or Goldilox).

I occasionally have a quick look around BookBrainz to keep tabs on any new developments and monitor the incredible job done by @indy133. Congratulations on reaching 50,000+ edits!

The other day I noticed an error in the profile of an Agatha Christie (my special subject) Work and I thought I would correct it. I registered with MusicBrainz but I encountered the same old problem when I tried to access BookBrainz. I fill out the details and then I get the forever spinning wheel of death.

I use the latest Google Chrome and I disabled all of my extensions for BookBrainz.


Hi again, again. And thx, again.
Your problems are obviously related to your choice of gender. When, one day, you will knock on the doors of heaven with this register, a forever spinning question mark will appear.
Accept you fate :wink:

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

You should now be able to log in properly.

Not exactly sure what is happening with the signup process this time, but I’m investigating.

Thank you for reporting the issue !


I tried typing “northern white rhinoceros” but it wouldn’t fit.

I’ve now logged on to BookBrainz, thanks @mr_monkey.