Dedupe music

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I’m new to this forum. So if I. Not in the correct location forgive me. I did look for best suited place to post.

My suggestion is a feature request:
When Picard finds the same song it renames it with (#). I would suggest that when it does this it only takes into account the file name excluding the extension. This will leave behind file.m4a file(1),mp3 file(2).m4a. Etc… this would make it easy for a regex search and delete of a duplicate files. On top of this naming I would like to see a preference option in the GUI that allows you to pick the order of importance for the default of your choice be the file without the (#) appended.

I think this is something your OS is doing, not Picard. I think this ticket is related to this, but there might be another more directly relevant (the ticket tracker is generally the best place to file bugs and feature requests):


This is likely because you save same files over and over at the same place, and Picard doesn’t overwrite them. It has to do with your settings and/or workflow. So we need further infos to help on that.

I misread your post. You actually save same files… so vote for dedup ticket :wink:

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