Decode Cyrillic


I just downloaded MusicBrainz Picard to try it out, but all the songs are in Cyrillic and I see all the characters like Çíàê Áåñêîíå÷íîñòü

I tried by downloading the “Decode Cyrillic” plugin. In the description the author says “run this plugin from the context menu before running the “Lookup” or “Scan” tools”.

The problem is I dont understand where is the context menu and how to run the script… I dont see any related buttons for this plugin.

Also tried toggling different settings in “Options > Tags > Tag Compatibility” but nothing works…

Would appreciate some help,

Thank you

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The context menu in general is the menu that opens if you right click somewhere.

You can run this plugin by right clicking on a file or a selection of files and then choose “Decide Cyrillic” in the Plugins sub menu.


Thank you for the advice, I did tried this, but it seems like the plugin is outdated.

Thanks though

Make sure the plugin is installed and enabled in Options > Plugins.

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It sure is


Oh fount it,

it appears when i right click on a folder element


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