Dealing with scrobbler.log files

hi, does anybody know how to upload scrobbler.log files to listenbrainz? I like to listen to music on an mp3 player running rockbox, which generates scrobbler.log files, there are a couple tools ive found to upload to but nothing that ive been able to download or build can upload to listenbrainz.


I don’t know of a ready made solution, and also don’t know what formats these log files have. In general it shouldn’t be difficult to get something running here.

Maybe if you know some Python the following script could give you some starting point:

It’s a really rough tool I just put together for my personal use where I re-submitted the listens from a ListenBrainz export JSON file to my ListenBrainz account again, after I had reset it. I guess that could be turned into a proper tool, but I only needed it once.


Hi! I am not sure what the data inside these files looks like but it should be possible to write a script to submit them using LB api. If you can share a sample, I can try to help you with that.

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this is rockbox’s wiki page on it

im not sure how to attacha text file but heres a sample:

#CLIENT/Rockbox sansaclipplus $Revision$
Remix 2008		Elif Turan - Büyüt Ýstersen	4	279	L	1260341207	
Özcan Deniz	Ses ve Ayrilik	Sevdanin rengi (sipacik) byMrTurkey	5	306	L	1260342084	
Ozcan Deniz °°° Www.Setforum.Com °°° By Yorgunsevdali °°°	Hediye °°° Www.Setforum.Com °°° By Yorgunsevdali °°°	Nasip Degilmis	7	241	L	1260342391	
Özcan Deniz	Hediye 2@V@7	Bir Dudaktan	1	210	L	1260342633	
KOMPROMAT	Traum und Existenz	Possession	1	220	L	1260357290	d66b1084-b2ae-4661-8382-5d0c1c484b6d
KOMPROMAT	Traum und Existenz	Traum Und Existenz	2	275	L	1260357511	4a5c6d60-47ed-4b4b-ac90-ad0530ff96c6
KOMPROMAT	Traum und Existenz	Niemand	3	243	L	1260357786	2ddba3e7-e7f3-4ce7-b4f3-dfe5630470e5
KOMPROMAT	Traum und Existenz	De mon âme à ton âme	4	265	S	1260357912	0c535517-8c8d-413a-a2d7-08aa1440f37b
Kraftwerk	Trans-Europe Express	The Hall of Mirrors	2	474	S	1260358000	385ba9e9-626d-4750-a607-58e541dca78e
Kraftwerk	The Man·Machine	The Model	4	224	L	1260358094	6f78de43-5c10-4a81-8095-cb0e70e45ca6
Kraftwerk	The Man·Machine	Neon Lights	5	534	L	1260358318	07e66e1c-c8d7-450c-b2ea-dddd7d9561ad
Kraftwerk	The Man·Machine	The Man·Machine	6	332	L	1260358852	fc468954-6d42-468f-b6a5-9ba6aa4f1c49
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Anon	1	196	L	1260359207	8f1da775-4277-4b4b-89df-30d2b10311ed
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Wolfs Jam	2	107	L	1260359404	1262beaf-19f8-4534-b9ed-7eef9ca8e83f
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Many People (remake)	3	254	L	1260359512	58cf7138-0224-45d7-b252-b4cc7d299725
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Jesse / Eska Games	4	240	L	1260359766	1a869d6b-0301-4c6f-afa5-0136831bb47f
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	The Dummy Run	5	185	L	1260360006	6fdc5237-895f-4125-b2c1-e15bf69c2517
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Fazer Folk (Teeth version)	6	240	L	1260360192	4cc0c6dd-af04-4f04-a296-598c57f21aeb
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Abbana Kange	7	184	L	1260360432	c20e6502-7166-4219-b7ee-597e8303daf6
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Queen of the Night	1	257	L	1260360616	23f48ffe-a5b5-4153-a99d-04a9d9a4094c
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	One for Tusk	2	97	L	1260360874	6b8b7fa6-101e-4ac1-b761-45daefb1b12b
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Harpoon Land (remake)	3	203	L	1260360971	89ab218d-9703-47fc-a75c-51af97ab65ea
Teeth Agency	You Don't Have To Live In Pain	Fly Porridge	4	255	L	1260361175	2f70d072-f664-41b2-9948-65636e4763da

From , I see that this is a tsv file and what various columns are. It shouldn’t be hard to modify the script @outsidecontext shared above to read this format. I can do that in the upcoming week and share it here so that you can run it locally to submit listens to LB.


Hi Lucifer,

Just wondering—did you ever get around to do this?

Hi! Sorry I had forgotten about this earlier. The latest ping reminded me of this so I modified @outsidecontext 's script for submitting such scrobble.log files. Here’s the gist:

You need Python 3 installed. Download both files from the gist. Put both those files and scrobble.log file in the same directory. Open a terminal and move to the directory where the files are located. The script can be run like: python3 YOUR_TOKEN YOUR_FILE.


I started making a program to upload different file formats to ListenBrainz GitHub - Coloradohusky/ListenBrainz_File_Parser: Parses database files from different music listen tracker applications, and imports them into ListenBrainz
I’ll work on adding it whenever I get a chance :slight_smile:


Assuming the example given is correct, I have a working RockBox submitter in v0.0.3.
Any input is appreciated, and a sample log file would be great to prove it works on the source.
Also, what does ‘Rating’ do? I see in lucifer’s gist he skips tracks that don’t have ‘L’ in Rating, but I wasn’t able to find any documentation about what it means - maybe it means ‘Listened’ or ‘Skipped’? If so, then does ‘duration’ mean the duration listened to, or simply the duration of the entire track, even if you skipped a couple of seconds?

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