Dealing with multiple releases of a single album

Two seperate physical releases will get entered as separate releases in MB. But the above example is a single album that happens to have multiple labels and catalogue numbers.

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Did not know that was a thing. Thanks for educating me :slight_smile:

Is anyone else sometimes dealing with multiple releases of a single album? There are sometimes the original recordings, maybe even on vinyl, and then years later a digital remaster. How do other people store those?


I moved this to a new discussion to avoid derailing the file name snippets thread too much.

I personally don’t deal with that much. I have a few (2 or 3) cases of this. In these specific cases I just have made sure to have the disambiguation comment in the album folder name. And as it are very few cases I handle this manually. I have a tagger script that I have disabled by default an run manually via the context menu:

$set(_albumandcomment,%album%$if(%_releasecomment%, \(%_releasecomment%\)))

Then in my naming script I use %_albumandcomment% for the album folder name with $if2(%_albumandcomment%,%album%).

I have seen others here using the catalogue number or barcode as part of the folder names. That’s usually a very good way to handle this automatically, but of course you end up with this information for all your releases.

What actually would be great would be if Picard could detect and handle this automatically in some way. But as a Picard developer I’m actually not sure how to best do this :confused:

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Thanks for splitting.

I found that Picard is having a hard time identifying the right release in such situations, so to handle it automatically, would maybe be overkill. I will need to read up about tagger scripts in combination with context menu. Maybe that does it as well. It is not something that happens every day for me either, some manual work is not an issue.