De-stylize YEИDRY?

Would you de-stylize Dominican/Italian singer YEИDRY, considering she’s using Cyrillic I to imitate Latin N? If so, would you go with YENDRY or Yendry as a sort name (btw it’s also her first name).

The most complete profile available over at Rateyourmusic.
As for MB, seems like we have her duplicated: Yendry - MusicBrainz & YEИDRY - MusicBrainz

edit: I’m 99% sure it’s also her that’s featured on Mana’s LP ‘Seven Steps Behind’ as both artists are based in Turin. No fancy styling on that LP’s cover:

For the sortname, yes. For the artist name, it depends how common it is.

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All her own records are styled with reverse N and all caps…
For the time being, I would keep her MB artist name like this.

This record is from another artist where she is just a feat.

Thanks. What about the sort name’s capitalization? YENDRY or Yendry?

I would keep her current MB artist name YEИDRY.
If, with time, she becomes less consistent with her name, we’ll see if we change too.

If the two artists are the same, we should merge them into YEИDRY.


Probably just Yendry for the sortname, but yeah, the stylized name for the name. For an example: