DE-DUPING? Best practice?


Does MusicBrainz De-Dupe files automatically? If not, is it best to De-Dupe BEFORE or AFTER using this program?


See here for some ideas


Thanks;) Great idea.


I would advise that is a pretty risky approach not to be recommended.


  • have same song on different albums you would probably want to keep both
  • different versions of same song , want to keep both
  • maybe one version is better quality than another want to keep the best one.

There are many applications out there that can duplicates files, as well as my own SongKong does which uses Acoustids and MusicBrainzIds to find duplicates there are plenty of others that would do a better approach than just looking at matching filenames.


If you are an Linux user:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Switch to the Music folder
  3. type: fdupes -rdN .