David Bowie remixed albums

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Tony Visconti is remixing all David Bowie albums.
It’s not a remix like a ULTRA DANCE REMIX or any other HARD CORE THUNDERDOME RMX versions.
It’s work like what can be done on restored old films like METROPOLIS, but still less drastic than this example. It’s between a remaster and a more thorough restoration/recreation.

It’s still audibly noticeable substantial remix.
For the moment, we only had DAVID BOWIE (SPACE ODDITY) album and now we have METROBOLIST (THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD).

Recordings are not shared, of course.

The first one was added in the original release group.
The second one was added in its own release group, which should have been marked as Album+Remix.

Both options make sense.

For self cover albums (new performance, new recording) I have no doubt they should be separate.
But for this I queued a merge edit, because I feel slightly that they should be grouped.
But I’m not sure myself alone.


So what do you think?


I am the one that created it as a new release group. I had not reviewed the style guidelines recently and remembered that remix albums should be new release groups. The fact that the title and cover artwork were completely different also contributed to that thought. But the style guidelines now indicate it is controversial and not so clear cut.

In this case I actually lean toward keeping it in the same RG. Same artist, same tracks, same performances (mostly) but mixed a little differently. I am fine with the merge.


I am inclined to keep them in one release group.
If not, then what do we do with all the XX Anniversary editions that are exclusively remixes or originals plus remixes?
What about stereo vs. mono mixes?
My experience has been that all these are grouped together.



i agree with roseetyler and cheezmo and voted as such, but i think the sticking point was bowie’s estate’s use of the ambiguous term “remix” combined with the new title and art

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But why do we have a “Remix” option if this is not to be used for something like this? As I posted in that edit note - this is remixed 50 years later by a third party without the knowledge or permission of the original artist. This is “Someone else’s” version of the album, and that says to me it should be separated.

It comes down to how far the music has been changed from the original. If this is the “original mixer” now wanting to put out his version of the album then that is a Remix. If this is him just tarting up and cleaning up the music and it still sounds mostly like Bowie’s, original then keep it in the same RG.

I’d want this on a different shelf in my collection. Or are Bowie fans now going to listen to this instead of the original? Most of the 25th \ 30th anniversary versions of albums I own are remixed and I now play those instead of the originals. I see them as the same thing. This does not seem to be presented like that.

This is all hard to judge without listening to the albums involved.


I share your concerns.
There is a line to draw and, it seems, unfortunately, it is not entirely objective.
From what I have heard, so far, I have voiced my opinion on where I think things should stand with this release.

For illustrative purposes, Björk has remix releases that, I think, are clearly so.


Based on

I would say same RG, personally.

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It’s true.

The structure is not changed.
It just sounds different now. You can hear some instruments that before were there in the mix but very shy, for instance the guitar, if I remember correctly in LETTER TO HERMIONE in the first remixed album (DAVID BOWIE / SPACE ODDITY), that I have.
Should be the same kind here.

To answer your question as a Bowie fan, the new version is… interesting. Sometimes I want to hear the one I know most, sometimes I want to hear this novelty.
Of course it is interesting, but it’s clearly something to make fans buy the album once more.

(I have DAVID BOWIE / SPACE ODDITY remix, not this one yet, but it seems same kind)


It sounds like it is the same RG then.

I agree with what you say about this kind of remix. It gets uncomfortable to hear the album you know and love from the decades when it is changed like that. I have Roger Waters’ Amused to Death - the original and a remix he did 23 years later. There are areas where the newer mix may be better, but I can’t listen to it as he has also down mixed too much of the start for me.

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