Database inaccuracies when importing into Postgres

I imported the data dumps into Postgres and have made a specific queries to the database and I get incorrect data.

For example:

SELECT * FROM release where = 'Siamese Dream'

Will return 28 results, but will contain an incorrect artist_credit. One artist_credit is correct, ‘11650’ which represents the band “The Smashing Pumpkins” the other ‘933469’ which represents ''Cypress String Quartet".

I’ve noticed similar issue with other queries.

Has anybody else run into this? Am I importing the data correctly? I should add that I tried two different data dumps and had the same result.

Thanks for the help!

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Artist credit “Smashing Pumpkins” - MusicBrainz says otherwise. I’d be surprised if this isn’t being represented correctly in the data dump.


Thanks for your response. You are right see that on the website. Here’s what I see querying the artist table.

Could this be an issue of how I am importing the data?

I think you should be using that ID to query the artist_credit table instead. :slight_smile: See vs.


That was it! Totally missed that table! I was working on this issue for longer than I would like to admit.

Thanks for the help!