Data use for Musicbrainz mirror

Hey All,

I am wondering how much data a Musicbrainz server will "consume’ each day when replication is turned on.

I’ve recently been going thru my music collection (after running it thru Picard to make sure all the tags are correct) and now setting up Headphones… i decided to setup an Musicbrainz mirror so i could replicate data to headphones faster.

I’ve followed all the guides and got it all setup correctly (even replicating from the source each hour)

What i am wondering is how much data does anyone else Musicbrainz mirror consume each day? (given that the entire dataset to download is a touch under 6.5Gb.) i have found that my data usage thru my ISP has gone up and on some days is pulling down 50ish Gb (this is a total including all other downloads)

is there an expected amount of data for a daily replication? or is there something wrong in my setup thus requiring the replication to retry repetitively???

A look back at the data replication file sizes on the mirror shows its less than 10mb a day. Not sure if thats accurate or not though.

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I ended up requesting a dataflow from my isp and turns out i had a rogue dropbox resync chewing up my data (bye bye dropbox!) I’ve just turn mirror back on (and edited by replication to once a week, instead of hourly, esp now i have a fairly upto date record!))

now i just need to figure out why the “pretty images” aren’t loading! (shows the main logo but nothing else, just text. so it does work but doesn’t look nice)