Dark theme for Picard

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Title pretty much says it all.

2020 is the year of dark themes for applications because getting blinded by white UI’s is so pre-2020.

This not a demand; only a humorous suggestion.



I have totally wished for this, though.

It would be great indeed …

But it is still a serious request :slight_smile: I actually looked into this a few weeks ago, because we have an open feature request to support this on macOS. For macOS I actually had it run in dark mode locally, but our official builds don’t support it yet. For Windows 10 we’ll need to tweak the color palette.

For macOS there is a ticket for this:

And I added one for Windows 10:

On Linux one can already force the use of a different Qt theme by setting the QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE environment variable. For your enjoyment below is a screenshot of Picard running on Linux KDE Plasma with the dark Breeze theme:


That looks way more sophisticated - especially for a music app.

It would be great if this could be put in official builds … (I’m a Mac user :wink: )


If it would only be an option to enable on the build servers I would have already done. But actually this is supposed to already work, but it doesn’t for some reason unknown to me. As soon as I figure it out I will enable it.


I am not familiar with W10’s ‘dark mode’, but I am a big fan of dark themes in applications.
How would this work for W10? Could you set Picard to use a dark theme independently, or would you need to set W10 to a dark theme, and would Picard then follow?

(I would hope for the first)

Agreed, I hope it could be set independently (although I do run W10 in dark mode)

I don’t, because I don’t like all aspects of it and I have done some other tweaks.
So I am hoping for an independent setting in Picard that will be ignorant of Windows 10 ‘App’ settings.

Hey, how do I do this with Picard 2.31 running under Ubuntu 20,04 LTS with the default GNOME interface?

UPDATE: I found out how to do it: installed adwaita-qt then did this:

echo "export QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=Adwaita-Dark" >> ~/.profile

and restarted session. Now I have not only Picard, but all QT5 apps in a good dark view. My eyes are thankful :sunglasses:

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