Daily Acoustid updates missing track_meta table?

Okay I am currently using the full data dumps from https://data.acoustid.org/

track_full contains acoustids track
meta_full contains metadata submitted by users
track_meta_full links the metadata to the track
track_mbid_full links the track to mbrecording_id
fingerprint_track_full link track to fingerprint (but I don’t use it), and I don’t use track_puid_full.

I wanted to use the daily json import of additions and changes starting February 2020 to build on top of this and create some new reports

But it seems track_meta.jsonl is missing, hence not possible to link anything newly added to the meta table to the track it has been added for.

Am I right or have i misunderstood something ?


Seems to be a bug so https://github.com/acoustid/acoustid-server/issues/72

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