CSG. Schumann: Richter, Sviatoslov (being Composer: "Performer as credited" NOT Composer: Performer A, Performer B)

Entered the following Release

So not all of you are wondering who Sviatoslov is and what instrument they play.
But I was.
spoiler the pianist’s name is Sviatoslov Richter

Is this a problem?
If so, is there a solution?

EDIT: Revelation:The Classical Russia label has multiple classical Releases front coverarts with the Performer listed as “Surname, Firstname”.

I didn’t think “Surname, First name” would be that common. It’s not much of a problem with Richter because he’s quite well known, but if this is done with less-known performers it could get confusing fast.

I would be very tempted to just enter it as “First name Surname” anyway if it were a one-off release, but if all releases by this label follow this format, not so much.

Some options, plus my thoughts on them:

  • Schumann; Richter, Sviatoslav, Surname, First Name (what we do now, but confusing)

  • Schumann; Sviatoslav Richter, First Name Surname (ignore the way it is displayed on the cover, in this context artist intent doesn’t apply anyway)

  • Schumann; Richter, Sviatoslav | Surname, First Name (keep the usual separator between composer and performers, change the confusing one to something else)

  • Schumann | Richter, Sviatoslav; Surname, First Name (change the comma with a semicolon, which is the normal practice when commas are confusing, but then you’ll also have to change the separator between composer and performers)

I don’t think we should change the standard way we list composers and performers just to accommodate this edge case (I just know somebody is going to suggest this :wink: ). It’s a huge amount of work and it will most likely produce new edge cases, wasting lots of time and effort for nothing.

I think the first option I listed is too confusing to be useful, and the fourth option would be too confusing compared to releases which follow the standard practice. I’m not sure about options two or three.

P.S. Both the release title and release artist don’t currently follow the CSG.

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I like the path in Option 2. of normalising “as credited” to “firstname surname” if firstname appears.

Schumann; Sviatoslav Richter

Beside the colon in the ReleaseArtist what is the bad news re CSG?

The missing space between “op.” and the number and “and” and “aus” should be lowercase. I’m also not sure about “Schumann: ” being part of the release title, but that’s pretty much personal preference.

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Thanks for the corrections.
Schiumann does not fit my reading of CSG either.