Credit relationships for recordings with hidden tracks

If a recording has one or more hidden tracks after the main track, say “track 12; hidden track 1; hidden track 2”, should I credit the relationships for all 3 songs in the same recording or only the relationships related to the main track? Also, should I link works for each of the hidden tracks?

If it’s a single “physical” track (e.g. a track on a CD or a single digital file), I would add relationships including works for all three songs. For the “recording of” relationships specifically you can also enable the “these relationships have a specific ordering” flag and put them into the order they appear.


yes, all three works should be linked, as well as all the relationships for the three songs. a fun example I know of:

the whole track is not on the track list, there’s no song at the start, and it has three different recordings of the same song

I will also add that you could add standalone recordings for the individual songs and link them to the album track with the “compilation” relationship. you could then add the proper relationships to each part of the CD track

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Thanks, I already did that.