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Or, if you’d like some inspiration, you can have a shot at making a playlist for some very great and/or very silly upcoming ‘days’ that I’ve posted below.

If you reply with a playlist of your own combination, or one related to one of the days below I may make a pic for it and share it on the ListenBrainz Twitter account:
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You can hand-craft playlists (LB > Dashboard > Playlists), or generate them using the LB Radio beta, using tags and other modifiers.

Some fun/dumb/great upcoming ‘days’:

Aug 24 - Strange Music Day (2023 playlist by @UltimateRiff | X)
Aug 30 - Frankenstein Day
Sep 01 - Lose Your Virginity Day
Sep 03 - Pet Rock Day
Sep 05 - National Be Late for Something
Sep 06 - Read a Book Day
Sep 07 - Superhuman Day
Sep 09 - Wonderful Weirdos Day
Sep 10 - Blame It on the Large Hadron Collider Day
Sep 12 - Video Games Day (2023 playlist by @aerozol | X)
Sep 13 - Positive Thinking Day
Sep 18 - Equal Pay Day
Sep 19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day (2023 playlist by @UltimateRiff | X)
Sep 21 - International Day of Peace
Sep 23 - Fish Amnesty Day, Rabbit Day
Sep 28 - Ask a Stupid Question Day
Sep 29 - World Maritime Day
Oct 01 - Animal Welfare Week (2023 playlist by @aerozol)
Oct 01 - Less Than Perfect Day
Oct 01 - CD Player Day
Oct 02 - Day of Non-violence
Oct 03 - Look at the Leaves Day
Oct 04 - Random Acts of Poetry Day
Oct 05 - Do Something Nice Day
Oct 06 - National Denim Day
Oct 07 - Bathtub Day
Oct 08 - Octopus Day
Oct 10 - Hug a Drummer Day
Oct 11 - It’s my Party Day
Oct 12 - Moment of Frustration Scream Day
Oct 13 - Treat Yo’ Self Day
Oct 14 - National Grouch Day
Oct 19 - Evaluate Your Life Day
Oct 22 - Smart is Cool Day
Oct 23 - Punk for a Day Day
Oct 26 - Howl at the Moon Night
Nov 1 - Author’s Day
Nov 3 - Cliché Day
Nov 11 - Origami Day
Nov 12 - Tongue Twister Day
Nov 16 - Tom’s Diner Day
Nov 21 - No Music Day (2023 playlist by @RandomMushroom128)
Nov 23 - Doctor Who Day
Nov 29 - Square Dance Day
Dec 8 - Take it In the Ear Day
Dec 8 - Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day
Dec 9 - Techno Day
Dec 10 - Choral Day
Dec 14 - Monkey Day
Dec 15 - Underdog Day
Dec 21 - Look on the Bright Side Day
Dec 26 - Whiner’s Day
Jan 1 - Hangover Day
Jan 2 - Science Fiction Day
Jan 3 - Humiliation Day
Jan 4 - Pop Music Chart Day
Jan 6 - Cuddle Up Day

Even if nobody is interested I will periodically create some myself, or eventually let this idea languish/disappear, at my own discretion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve dibbsed Sep - 12, Video Games Day!
Suggestions and feedback for the playlist welcome: ListenBrainz

The video game playlist is live :blush:
If you would like to share one I will post it as well!

Next one I’ve dibbsed is Animal Welfare Week, Oct 01. I’m going to break our player with a crust punk playlist. Huzzah!


Added a bunch more days (until the end of the year) and have added a few more upcoming playlists to the list - Talk Like a Pirate Day, No Music Day.

Links to playlists are now in the OP.

If you like to make playlists/mixes, check out the list and see if you can shoehorn one of your playlists/a genre you like in there!