Crashing: No idea where to start explaining

I absolutely love this software…BUT (there’s always a but), I get so frustrated when it always crashes during different operations. Lately, it’s been happening after I have fixed many files and I’m in the process of the final actions.

The last crash happened as follows:

  1. Selected all entries in the right window.
  2. Generated Fingerprints (just to recreate them)
  3. Selected “Submit AcousticIDs”
  4. After about 45 seconds…crash

The frustrating part is I never saved anything yet so I lose all the work on those files. Sometimes in the range of 50-100 tracks.

So I reload Picard, reprocess and sort AGAIN, any try again with maybe 10 tracks or 1 Album at a time. That makes it so slow.

I don’t know where to start to try and figure this out. Any help appreciated and will supply whatever info is needed to investigate this. This is an ongoing problem. Trying not to throw the towel in with all this.

Thanks in advance to any that can and will help me.

Does it show any error message when it crashes? Otherwise the best way to attempt to get some information on the crash is to start Picard from the command line with the “-d” parameter. Then make it crash and see if there is some error output.

On which operating system are you using Picard? Which version and how have you installed it?

Also try to set the language to English and see if the crash still happens.

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