returning 429, seeming to be incorrectly

Hello MB,

Starting on around the 27th it seems that the cover art archive is failing with a 429 very frequently, and often on the first GET request.

At first I thought that it might be a problem with how often I was querying (obv) however slowing down the calls doesn’t seem to improve. I’ve also tried this from multiple IPs and I’m getting the same result.

I’ve tried

It is just me? without a Retry Header it’s hard to tell what is going on and the documentation still says that there is not a rate-limit (although a found an answer to a question somewhere on musicbrainz that said one was added).

Any info would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



Ahhh I just found this bug logged: [CAA-141] Too many 429 when viewing cover art - MetaBrainz JIRA

I’m sorry for the double post, I think I was too willing to dismiss older thread start dates when I searched.


I think this issue might be affecting uploads as well. I had to retry a few times earlier today.


See also

Even Picard is stalling on downloading images now. Also, as a normal user, clicking on the “original” links next to images on a Release are getting more and more 429 errors.

It will settle down. There are likely some tech people poking at the servers trying to add more capacity for the load being thrown at them.