CoverArtArchive as site with unwanted software?

FireFox actually tells me, that a page like
belongs to the “Phising and Malware” pages:

I can ignore the big fat red warning, but could you please have a look?

Odd, when I click to the picture there I just get the picture and no warning.

I use Internet Explorer 11.
I also tried the link with Chrome, and no problem.
And I tried downloading and install Mozilla Firefox 49, to test it for you, but odd enough I only could install if I downloaded a bunch of extra software like anti malware software that I do not trust, so, I did not install Firefox. Looking at the red sign that you get, it can be, that you installed that anti malware software and that that one is giving the red sign.

Can you remember since when you get the red sign?

Could you do a System Restore to a point before you got to see the red sign? You can always undo a system restore. It is just to investigate which program causes the red sign, must have been something you downloaded recently, if you did not get that red sign in the past.

This is a server of the Internet Archive, not MetaBrainz. Generally, there are two possibilities here:

  • The server (but not this particular image, I had a look at it) has indeed been hacked and now distributes malware.
  • The server is fine, but someone mistakenly reported it; possibly because it contains some archived data that actually was malware at the time.

The IA will need to look into this.

@chirlu there is nothing wrong with the Archive, see my checks in above post :slight_smile: Oh I read you checked the image too :slight_smile: It could be that @InvisibleMan78 has downloaded some kind of untrustable anti malware program.

@Samsom_Productions: Maybe you are right.
But my Google Chrome tell me the same:

Anyway. I learned that the CoverArtArchive does not belong to MB. :wink:
Case closed.

I think that you indeed accidently could have downloaded some crap program, that now prevents all your browsers from seeing certain pages. Could you do a system restore to see if that helps?

Oh and I checked on some more images at the Cover Archive but they all display fine, no warnings at all.

What do you get if you use this link?

Dangerous contains harmful programs

wow that is odd!!!

Better I should do a system restore!

That’s a bit oversimplified, the CAA is a cooperation between MeB and the IA. But the IA holds all the actual image data on their servers.

Also, the warning message itself is not a scam. It’s a generally useful security feature of modern browsers (i.e. not the Internet Explorer), configurable too, that protects users from malicious sites. But the list of said malicious sites, provided by Google and others, may contain errors.


oh that’s a relieve @chirlu :relieved: