CoverArchive sends 404 for existing images :-(


I use the following url to retrieve release-groups:

In the result, I check for the property “cover-art-archive”. For the release 91348a4e-c5d9-403f-bca5-f45c76118324 (for example), cover-art-archive->front exists. This should be enough to proof that the image indeed exists.

But when I open, I get a 404. Why is that?

The consequence of this is, that I need to check client side for the existance of the image because checking serverside is very slow since the server itself responds quite slow as well.

Is there any way to solve the problem? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


What’s the actual search you’re entering? does have front as false.

Aaah, you got me in the right direction. The problem was that json_decode in php didn’t encode “true” and “false” to true and false. Hence

if ($album->{'cover-art-archive'}->front)

had been true even if the value was “false” :slight_smile:

So everything cool now, thanks!

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