Cover arts not displaying correctly on Android

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Hello there,
I’ve just started to use Picard to clean and tidy my collections with correct tags. I am trying to always find the original albums of the songs. However, not every song can be find in database. So when i put my songs into Picard, the tagged ones which have found its album via Picard go to the right side of the application. Songs without tags in MusicBrainz database stay on left side. And heres my problem.

For such songs, not in the database, i use mp3tag program to add some cover art I found suite correctly (often it is a random picture which can describe the song). Later i put all songs (tagged ones and untagged) into my phone in android. And in music player all correct tagged songs are displaying correctly their cover arts. However all untagged ones have the same cover art which is randomly choosed from one of the tagged song with correct cover art. I have also several songs tagged ones but in which i changed cover art myself cause i thought it suits better. There is no issue with displaying it cover arts. So only the untagged ones get one random cover arts for all of them.

Do you know why is this happening? I would add that in windows, all songs show their cover arts correctly in folder view.


The only thing I can think of is that you might not always set the type of the artwork to “front cover” when you add it manually. Other than that, though, so long as those songs not already in the database are more widespread than stuff you or your friends make yourselves and pass around between each other, you can always add them to the database to avoid needing manual editing in the first place!


Not all android music players can read embedded cover art in flac files.
Power amp does not load these embedded images and is one of the reasons why i switched to using nutron.
The workaround is to get picard to download and save the images as files in the same directory as most music players will use cover.jpg if it is found in the same directory as music.


I’ve been using Poweramp for years, and embedded cover art in flac files have always worked fine.