Cover-art multiple files

When i import, kets say “Roxy Music” with albumname " Street life" all the sonfs appear in Picard.
I can, manually, put the same cover for each song seperately. What i would like is to put the same cover for all songs from that album all at once.So i dont have to edit each file seperately.

Anyone that can help me out here?


beets EmbedArt plugin

When I open a number of digital music files in Picard, then find the MusicBrainz Release to which those files belong, and the Release has a Cover Art image for the front cover, and when the music files move from the left pane of Picard to the Release on the right pane, and I save the files under the Release — in other words, when I use Picard in the normal way —Picard embeds the front cover artwork in each of the digital music files as it saves them.

But I assume you tried using Picard in the usual way, and it didn’t work for you. So, I’m not entirely sure I follow you. Maybe you want something different than having Picard put the front cover artwork into each music file for that album.

Perhaps you could explain what you did using Picard, and what happened, and what you want to happen differently?

Good luck with the music-tagging!

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Ok Jim,

I will tell you how i work.

On my NAS i store my musicfiles, on my Mac i startup MBm then i import a dir, either witg drag & drop or the menubutton.MB displays the sings, sometimes i edit the various content, then i want to add a front cover for all the songs on that album, i do this on the right bottomcorner of MB, there is a empty cd-case in which i drop the cover, then i press save.and the cover will show up in my original folder, well, most of the time, sometimes the cover doesnt appear, but when i look at the file and click show info, the cover appears.

I have to do this for every song seperately You can imagine how long this will take for over 100.000 files.:tired_face:

Nedotepa pointed me to a plugin, but that is too complecated for me.

Thanks for your help.

If you have the albums identified in the right hand pane, you can do all the files in the album at once. See the following thread for more information.

Edit: Also, as I recall Picard has some issues with processing when the source files are on a NAS. I’ve gotten into the habit of staging the files in a directory on my local hard drive and then processing from there. Runs reasonable quickly, and I haven’t had any lock-up problems. Then again, I generally only process one album at a time in Picard.


Ah! Thank you for your explanation. I think I understand now.

It sounds to me like you are using the Picard application just as a tool for you to type in metadata (song titles, artists, etc.) and drop in cover art. You are not pulling data from the MusicBrainz database at .

I have good news! The MusicBrainz database can make your life much, much easier — especially if your music files are songs which other people enjoy and have described in the database already.

There are instructions for how to do this. Briefly: import a directory of music files into Picard. A number of files may end up in the left pane of Picard, under “Unmatched Files”. Select those files, and click the “Scan” button in Picard. Picard will calculate a “fingerprint” of the song from its audio, and use that fingerprint to look up the song in the MusicBrainz database. If it finds something, then a “CD” icon will appear in the right pane of Picard, and your music files will move from the left pane to the appropriate track of the CD icon in the right pane. At this point, Picard fills in the metadata (track title, artist, etc.) and the cover art automatically, for all the music files it matched! You press the save button, and those files are saved with the improved information. No need to manually add cover art images to each file.

You are left with the music files which Picard was not able to recognise using fingerprints. Here, the more difficult but better path is to learn how to add entries to the MusicBrainz database, add entries to the database for your unmatched files, then match your files to those database entries. This makes life harder for your, but easier for the next person. The easier path is to simply edit the metadata and add cover art, file by file, as you are doing now.

By the way, the Picard quick-start tutorial is helpful, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Good luck! —Jim DeLaHunt


Ok thanks guys,

For some reason i cannot reply directly from the forum.

But there is some progress, i will check the rest tomorrow.

I’ve been working with MB as you guys suggested and it is working fine now.
Life is much easier when i ask for help.
The only thing is that MB seems to have problems with .Flac files, no cover-art showing up.

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That’s odd, because FLAC files work fine for me. When you say no cover art is showing up, do you mean that it’s being downloaded and shows in the right hand pane but is not being attached to the individual files, or do you mean that it’s not showing cover art for the album at all in the right hand pane? If it’s the first, that sounds like a bug. If it’s the second, it could be that there simply is no cover art available for the selected album (“release” in MB terminology). You might want to check the log for more information.

Also, you might want to check your cover art settings. I use the cover art plug-in to add as another cover art source and have it as my primary because of the quality of cover art they provide. I have also enabled all available sources in my preferred order. My cover art settings look like:

In addition, if you’re using CAA (Cover Art Archive) as a source, you might want to verify that the Download only approved images box is unchecked. This will allow you to access CAA cover art uploaded through MusicBrainz immediately, otherwise it will only be available after the edit passes (seven days or three unanimous “yes” votes).

I hope this helps sort out your cover art problems with Picard.

I use Fanart as well, but i have a lot of covers already in the directories where the songs als are, they match the album.If i cannot find it in MB i use drag and drop for the art.
On the left is the info and right is MB

Fut this is what i see when i press get info.