Cover art in ListenBrainz

Just noticed that cover art appears in the list of my listens.

Awesome! Thanks for this development. :tada:


You will sometimes see a placeholder if we don’t have cover art to show, but we’re going to keep improving it !


Yes, I noticed some album art is missing, but I guess it’s because many releases don’t have any album art uploaded.

Have you considered to use as fallback the album art from the release group when artwork for a particular release is missing?

So great @mr_monkey! This was my top ‘this feels like it’s missing’ thing on LB :tada:

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Absolutely. We’re not 100% sure how to implement that yet (we want to avoid doing hundreds of queries to the MusicBrainz and Cover Art Archive APIs for each page of LB) , but it’s definitely the goal to fallback to the release group cover art or even from other releases in the same release group.


Very good feature. Everything looks livelier.
In order to encourage usage of cover art, I think there should be a blog post, tweet and FAQ entry explaining how to get it.