Could we get a Bulk Book adding table wizard?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to make a book adding wizard that can add multiple works/editions at the same time. this would be useful for quickly adding several new books at once where BookBrains does no have a record of the works yet. the main table would let you add multiple editions at ta time, where clicking on any box will have a dropdown which will autosuggest previously entered information (so you would find the author once and it would be two clicks to copy it to other editions), with the boxes for Author, publisher, and works opening a window to create the entry as needed. Table would scroll horizontally so you can add books up to the coded limit

Series would have their own tables, where you can create one and give it a title and ordering type, then add the books, number them, and rearrange them if ordered manually

last step would be preview and an edit note for the whole operation

is this something that is feasible?

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I’m not sure about this… I feel it encourages importing lots of editions from other sources without human review. But I think the possibility of pre-filling a new edition with the information from a previous edition (like in MB for releases) should be in the works. Which would basically have the same effect, being able to add more editions without having to fill all fields all over again.

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