Could someone please give some advice with adding a release?

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I’m half way through editing a new release (classical music). It’s somehow complicated for a newbie like me. :slight_smile: What I’m not sure about is editing the recordings. I guess I should link the track recordings to the “work”. But here I’m unsure how to do that or if I even have to create a new work. I guess the work should already exist but finding it… Maybe someone could help me here, before I’m doing something wrong?
The release I’m talking about is this:
I also wonder… Most of the track recordings have the same performers, recording place and so on. But I do have to edit each recording seperately, right?

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There is a guide for classical editing here: The Classical Editor Toolbox with links to very useful userscripts, but even without them, you have a button Edit relationships (in the english version) on the rightern side of the release page. There you can edit multiple recordings at once, with checkboxes, you don’t have to go to each recording page and modify them separately. The requiem of Cherubini (both of them) are popular enough that the works are already there. If you don’t find it, look up a release with the requiem already linked and copy-paste the work titles from there.


I have to admit that finding the works can be a little painful the first time, if you look for something like ‘piano sonata n. 2: I. Allegro’ where you will get all sorts of results from a variety of composers and might need to dig to find the right one. I don’t know a way to restrict this search to a composer.

First, thanks for the “edit relationships” hint. :slight_smile:

What confuses me with finding the works is that the list contains lots of entries with artists but should’t the work just mention the composer? (sorry for the stupid question)

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The entries start with the work title, then you have a ‘writers’ section where you find librettist, composer etc and then an ‘artists’ section where you have a sample of all the artists that recorded the work.

Ah, got it. Thanks a lot.

The advanced query syntax says that you should be able to search for works with a relationship to a particular artist:

Field: Artist
Description: artist name, an artist in the context of a work is an artist-work relation such as composer or lyricist

Note that if there are spaces in the name, you need to use either parenthesis or quotation marks; however, these are not exactly equivalent:

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Ok, I did find the works. But now I have “recording of” entries twice. :frowning:

Huh. Well, you should remove the ones without dates, then, but wonder how you ended up adding them twice!

I added them, sorry… (and the dates as well)

Hmm I can’t remove the double entries… :confused:

And I only entered dates to the “recorded at (place)”, should they go to every recording-entry?

it is getting removed, but it is an open edit, i. e. has to wait 6 days to be approved as a modification (unless enough people vote for it). If you add information, it gets automatically applied (like adding a release or a work to a recording) but if you modify data, remove a relationship or merge stuff, it has to wait 7 days for the others to check it and oppose if needed. Some people like reosarevok are privileged in that everything they do is automatically applied (auto-editors), but most have to wait.

If you go onto a recording and look at ‘open edits’ (right column) you see the edits that are waiting and your work removing is there.

All right. It might need some more releases to feel confident. :slight_smile:

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Not everything :wink: Removals and merges we need to wait on too.

@beedaddy: by the way, if you have the catalog number (which you probably do) you should add it too. For hyperion, it should be CDA(something). Release country is UK (all of hyperion is UK), and you can set script (definitely Latin, that’s the alphabet everything on that tracklist is written in). Language I’d probably set as [multiple languages], since there’s Latin, English and French in there.

@reosarevok: ok, done.

I don’t understand how it works. If I want a toccata by Buxtehude, I would try title:"Toccata" AND artist:"Buxtehude" according to . I don’t get any output (no matching items), even if I know that he wrote plenty of them. What should I add to my Queries in the AR editor to search only works by a specific composer?

No “Title” :slight_smile: Just “Toccata” AND artist:“Buxtehude”. But that’s only for the standard (not-inline) search - the inline search doesn’t use advanced syntax.

Honestly, I’ve always found the best way for most cases is going to the composer’s relationships page and doing a standard browser search (doesn’t see aliases of course, but works like 90% of the time).

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It would be awesome for classical stuff if there was a way to restrict work searches to a composer/artist.