Could not save your playlist

I am trying to import Spotify playlists. When I click Import from ... > Spotify it shows my Spotify playlists:

When I click on one of the playlists, it seems to be doing some work:


But then it gets an error:


I have tried the above with Chrome and Brave and on another computer, all with the same results.

Note: ListenBrainz is showing my Spotify listens correctly (although a bit delayed).

Please help. Thank you.



This is likely a problem with the number of requests that Spotify allows us to make to their services in a day. We’ve hit the limit and asked to increase our quota, but we’re not poised to make them a few million dollars, so getting their attention to help us with things like this… takes eons.

Sorry for the hassle, but we’re reliant on Spotify here. :frowning:


Thank you. Good to know it is probably not something wrong on my end.

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