Could not load album

Unfortunately, Picard stopped working for me today. Are the servers down or anything wrong on my end Debug below. Thanks in advance for your help!

D: 17:10:36 Debug mode on
D: 17:10:41 Loading album f8deba1f-f57c-4eba-a7b3-445cfb2e999f …
D: 17:10:41 WSREQ: Last request to (u’’, 80) was 99101 ms ago, starting another one
E: 17:10:42 Network request error for Error downloading - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable (QT code 301, HTTP code 503)
E: 17:10:42 Error downloading - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable


(i.e. not your fault)

Thanks for your quick reply. Oh, this is really bad news. If I read this right, Picard is basically broken for a few months already. The developers are working on a solution, but no expected time of a fix and it appears to require server migration.

The last quoted post refers to using mirror servers as a potential solution. Would I need to create an own mirror or can someone direct me to a solution.

I have been a very heavy user of Picard, but this project now appears in danger?

Server migration is not happening this month, but should hopefully be done sometime this summer - or at the very least this year. So while there’s not really an immediate fix, it is something that will (hopefully!) be dealt with “soon”.

Also relevant/more details:

Sounds good. Thanks and indeed big thanks to the developers!!!

Our hardware and our pride is in danger, but not the project.

In fact once the schema change release is in the bag, we’re all going to start working on moving to NewHost (the new hosting provider). We have a lot of things that need to get done before we move and we’re hoping to identify and prioritize the list of things on Tuesday. (if the release goes smoothly)

After that, most of the technical team will be working to prepare for the move. But, we don’t have a time frame yet, but I am hoping much sooner than later. Summer, for sure.


Hi there. Well that explains my frustrations :slight_smile:

Will come back in a couple of months and try to upload the new Silverman album then.

Best of luck guys.



Just to be clear. It is not happening to every request and the system is not down completely for the next 3 months.

The servers are busy and some requests make it through and others don’t.
Retry a couple of times and it is likely to work all ok.

There is no need to completely wait for months before trying anything with Musicbrainz again.