Could not load album error

For a couple days I have been getting this error. I am on Manjaro linux. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

When I right click and hit info I get this error:

Any help would be appreciated.


Yes I know what album it is. I just can’t get it to open in picard.

Its not the only album that does this. Its any of them. The problem lies with picard.

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That’s an OpenSSL error code. Have you done any updates or installed new software right before the problems appeared? Are you using any software not from the official Manjaro repositories (pacman -Qqm) that might need to be rebuilt after some update? What’s your PyQt version, Qt version and OpenSSL version? Have you tried just doing a full system update?

I will check the versions of the software you listed when I get back to my computer and will also run the pacman command. I’m on the unstable branch and do a system update every day.

Here is the debug log:

The versions of the software you asked about are PyQt version is 4.12.1-1 & 5.9.2-1

QT version 5.9.3-1

OpenSSL version 1.1.0.g-1 & openssl-1.0 version 1.0.2.l-1

From looking at the arch repos it looks like Openssl-1.0 is out of date.

I just downgraded Picard to version 1.4.2 and it is working just fine. Could there be something wrong with the dev version? I’ve filed a bug report about it.