Corrupt music library

Have a library of MP3’s . over the years the metatdata has became screwed up and songs have wrong titles, etc. Two thoughts:

  1. Rerip the library again (300+ CD’s), this time as flac files and start fresh, OR
  2. Can you strip metadata from all the files at once, and then reprocess to get all the correct info back (yes, they will still be MP3’s).
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In the long run, var. 1 would be better.

You can try to reassign the files using the AcoustID db when doing a Scan, but you would have to check them all and would have a lot of incorrect results to correct.

If the file names are still correct you could first re-tag the files from filenames and then use Lookup (without Scan). Probably you will get better results from that.


Also, if you rip the CDs again, you could process each one as an album (using Lookup rather than Scan) to get better matching results easier. See the workflow “When the CD is available” for the step-by-step process.