Correction in the author field in the edition form leads to a bug

After you have entered an author in the author field, the “edit” button fades out and you cannot make any corrections:

To empty the field you have to click on the “No author” tag.
The problem has existed for a long time and I thought it was related to the unresolved “No author” problem.

But now I noticed that this approach leads to another bug: The changed edition is duplicated on the author page:

That’s not nice and I have no idea how to fix it.

I was working on the first issue where the credit section was getting disabled whenever we tried to edit credits. It was not related to the ‘No author set’ problem, but there were some issues with the ‘isEditable’ checks.

Here are more details: BB-782
the PR is in the review phase.

Though I didn’t know about the second issue, as I dug up more into it, I noticed another issue here: after setting the author credit, let’s say for an edition, and later if we edit it and remove the author’s name from the credits, even then the edition name still remains on the author’s page.

test ( author credit edit) has no authors

(No idea where this “Randall Munroe…” came from )


I remember that this bug was related to the “No Author tag” problem. And also the appearance of strange hallucinated author credits.
But I thought the “No author” feature had been turned off until a solution was found. Doesn’t seem like it.

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Well , I just checked . It appears that the author’s name persists in the author credit of one of the revisions for this edition. Since we retain data from previous revisions, the edition table on the author page retrieves information from an older revision, hence displaying the edition name even after author credits have been removed in the latest revision.

now as I think may be same is the reason for the duplicate edition in edition table :thinking:

any leads ? @mr_monkey