Correct credit?


I’m trying to fix the credit on the first track here:

I have the CD. The back cover says something gimmicky like “Special Guest Narrator - see page 2!”

Page 2 says “Leonard Nimoy, narrator”. I’m inclined to use that as the credit, but figured I’d get a second opinion. And should I include the Erich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops credit, or not? As far as I can tell, it’s not a track they actually performed on. (Recording dates are listed for the orchestral tracks, and 1 is not mentioned)


I would credit it to Leonard Nimoy.
And if you think the orchestra/other artists didn’t play on that track, I wouldn’t credit them.

Just because that makes sense to me, there’s been too much digging through the style guidelines lately :wink:
If someone knows better they will post!


I’ve credited it to Leonard Nimoy, yeah. I went and listened to it, and it does have some orchestral backing and sound effects sampled from elsewhere on the album, but Nimoy is the only one explicitly credited for the track so I left it.

Which raises another question: how do you create a relationship for someone who’s credited with “sound effects design, recording, and production” (digital, not vocal). (Well, I went with “recorded by” and “producer”, but still not sure about “design”. Does that count as composition?)


Not sure, but ‘designer’ might just mean ‘did heaps of producing’? Or composition? Really depends on the case I think.