Copy to / from script variable values the clipboard?

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Is there any current plugin that transfers data to/from the clipboard?

… load a set of tracks, select the tags, copy them to clipboard, select some different tracks, paste the tags back to them.

To add data across multi-disc sets, or building sets from various files, and wanting them to all have the same tag options.

The only way to “transfer” tags at the moment, that I can figure a workflow for, is to keep a “dummy” track, or take one from another set, and go through the steps to apply such tag to the ones it says "Missing from xxx Others)

Then remember to take that dummy one out, toss it back to unclustered, select it only and set it to “use original values”

You have Disc 01 of a set, you’re going to make a Disc 02. You’ve got the various tags all setup the way you want them for Disc 01. Since many of them outside of the title and artist details are likely to be the same across many tracks, of just with slight differences… Would be nice to just drop a set of saved tags on them.

I’m doing it with macro triggers and tagger scripts at the moment, but it means that anything I want to change I have to go edit the script or create a new one.

Of course, clipboard exchanging is not as flexible as stashing them in scripts, but for quicker access it would be a bonus when you might not want to have a script saved for it. Or just to not have to edit a scratch one over and over again.

I’ve gone into this before, and have not been able to come to a conclusion. Perhaps there’s similar functionality in one of the Swiss Army Plugins that Do Amazing Stuff that I can use as a basis for code?

Thinking more about this, another use case for such a function would be when upgrading tracks within an album with a better quality file, but you’ve got a fair amount of detail in the tags already, so to be able to move the same values across the board to newer file.

Otherwise, I suppose one could add functionality to that import sidecar file plugin to generate EXPORT files for each of those… that would in effect let you restore tags over to the same file, or at least be on the way towards doing it.

Though I still think doing whatever it’s going to do to the disk, do it to the clipboard instead. Copy, Paste. Boom. Not export, edit if needed, import…