Control character for comment edits

I’ve started adding %_releaseannotation% to comments. I’d like to append the existing comment to the release annotation with a carriage return in between. The UTF-8 carriage return character is “u000D”, so I tried:


Unfortunately, the control character just converts to text (sorta), so it’s not working. Suggestions?

I take it you’ve already tried putting a regular non-encoded carriage return in the script, for example:


I will admit, I’m not familiar with inserting characters like this, btw…

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I wonder why you specifically want a carriage return there, as that either is invisible and the text is simple visually appended or it results in the text being overwritten by the second part on terminals.


@UltimateRiff That works! Who woulda thunk…

@elomatreb . I don’t understand about it being overwritten as I assumed it would include a line feed which is the case in UltimateRiff’s example. I’ve now included a conditional so that the edit is only applied if an annotation exists.

Thanks for the help!

A carriage return moves the cursor back to the beginning of the current line, you’re thinking of the newline character (U+000A), that you get when you press enter.

Windows ends lines in text files with both the newline and the carriage return character, but this is a historic weirdness that serves basically no purpose anymore.

I had trieed u+000A first, then switched to the carriage return when it didn’t work. Yeah, too bad that’s not the only historic weirdness! lol