Contributing to BookBrainz - GSoC '23

Hello Everyone,
My name is Shahbaz, and I am currently pursuing my BS in Data Science and Applications from IIT Madras, as well as a BTech in Computer Science from AKGEC Ghaziabad. I have a great passion for web development. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to BookBrainz for GSoC '23 and learn from experienced mentors.

After conducting research on various projects, I found the BookBrainz Administration Panel to be an excellent match for my skills and interests. I have prior experience working with Node.js, ExpressJS, and SQL and have developed many projects using the MERN stack.

I have already set up the project locally and am currently exploring the codebase to familiarize myself with the code. Additionally, I am actively seeking good-first-issues to begin contributing to the project.

Any advices which would help me in this journey?

My LinkedIn:

Thank you.


Hello @shahbaz42 and welcome !

I highly recommend reading this page in our wiki to start with: Development/Summer of Code/Getting started - MusicBrainz Wiki

It’s also a good idea to try the website out. If you just want to test things out we have as a testing ground with a separate database, and if you want to enter actual books is waiting for your contributions :slight_smile:
Similarly there, we have a user guide to help you get to know the interface a bit: BookBrainz User Guide

Once you’re ready to take a bite of code, you can find tickets marked with the good-first-bug label here: Issue Navigator - MetaBrainz JIRA

And we are on the IRC channel #bookbrainz if you have any questions !


I am Dhruva Bhattacharya, currently pursuing B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Gyan Ganga
Institute of Technology and Science Jabalpur. A full stack developer, self-led learner, team player, and a software
enthusiast who loves to build products. Besides developing, I enjoy writing technical blogs. I am a full stack developer and a software enthusiast who loves to build products.

I am excited to submit my application for the GSoC program to work on the project github, linkedin, twitter with the organization “MetaBrainz.”

My name is Dhruva Bhattacharya, and I am a passionate software developer with experience in PostgreSQL, MongoDB and React. I am interested in working on the project because it aligns with my interests and will allow me to gain valuable experience in learning new technologies.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with MetaBrainz, a non-profit organization that provides free and open music data to the world. As a music enthusiast, I am thrilled to contribute to an organization that is dedicated to making music data accessible to everyone.
and apart from this I will ensure to that the music that are listed are non-copyright from the original creator and make another section to discover these copyright content.

In my previous experience as a software developer, I have worked on This experience has prepared me well for the challenges that I will face as a GSoC student, and I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the project successfully.

During the program, I planned that I am committed to working hard and contributing to the project to the best of my abilities.

and I respect the non-copyrighted from the original creator. As a GSoC student working with MetaBrainz, I understand the importance of complying with copyright laws and respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to MetaBrainz and the GSoC program.


Welcome to the community @dhruvaop !


Hi @mr_monkey is there anything in which I can contribute.

I can only point you to the same resources from my previous message higher up in this discussion :slight_smile: