Congrats on the new forum!


Congratulations on the new forum! I’m looking forward to the new possibilities this will bring to *Brainz.


Thank you. I’m really excited too. :smiley:


Sooo… shouldn’t the old forum be put in read-only now (or at least disable creating new threads to allow existing topics to wind down)?
The footer on still links to the old forum too.


Yep, indeed. Still lots of things to get done! So it’ll be some busy days ahead for me, getting everything updated. :slightly_smiling:


There’s a ticket for fixing the links on now:


R.I.P. another classic forum. Welcome a slow replacement that looks like it came out of laser printer in eco mode - all bright white, with almost no shading and letters and simple shapes in place of pictures. I really really hate Flat social media-style Design.

I also think that the main site has been changed for the worse. Not just the white color, but also that the navigation menus pop up when I mouse over them (but not click): let’s say I’m going from the left side to interact with the Search box, and several menus show all over the screen… I was wondering why there were no comments on the change at the old forum, but thought that it’s probably not all that significant by itself.


The menus have always popped up when you moused over them, even in the old design. They’re just bigger now. It was discussed before whether we should disable that and require clicking them, I’d personally like that.


Note that this is not a change; it has always been that way. It may be changed in the future, though; the idea is not new.


Opened and submitted a pull request.


Yay, excited about new stuff! Good job guys!
Especially logging in via MB which is awesome :open_mouth:

Have to agree that it’s a little bit confusing at first, but everyone was pimping this so it must be pretty good once you’re used to it! The design changes on the main site I’m a bit less forgiving about, but I’m guessing that, as with everything, it’s an ongoing work in progress ; )


I’m sure you’re not the only one :slightly_smiling:

But keep in mind, moving to Discourse wasn’t about appearance. It was about unifying the mailing lists and the forums, because the divide was hurting the MeB community, and neither one alone was adequate.


It took me a while to get used to Discourse, but I actually enjoy using it much more than the old forums. Congratulations to everybody involved to make this happen.

But I agree that on the visual side a little bit more contrast would be good.


Discourse looks better on my phone than my laptop.

Very good mobile support. :smile_cat:


Yeah, congrats! I like what I see already! But the emojis are pretty lame :lame

↑ Sounds like the iPad commercial: yep, we got a ticket for that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We gotta thank Windows 8 (Metro) for that no?


Crazy amount of increased activity/ lurkers posting now, or is this all people that used to use the mailing list??
Anyway, seems like a success already :slightly_smiling:


Congrats for the jump, nice to see things moving, and nice to see people keen to make it better too!
I like the more modern approach to discussing issues that Discourse offers, and I like the federation of the MetaBrainz ecosystem. I also really like how enjoyable it is on mobile, as @CyberSkull already mentioned – writing this from bed.

About people liking older looks: I think modern cosmetics matter in the way that they might attract new contributors who’d otherwise think the project is from another era and therefore not worth looking into, obsolete or abandoned.

Good work guys!


Oh, ah ah, I am one of them (old grumpy) but maybe you are right about this. :laughing:


You’ve gotten used to it already? :slight_smile: As for me, I love it!


I think the forum’s minimalist theme is for the best. Minimal basic themes allow designers great freedom in customization while not constraining them to the stylistic dictates of the software developers.