Confusion about collaboration metadata field

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One field that I typically configure with other ID3 editors, is the boolean of whether a track is considered part of a collaboration or not. For example, when an album has tracks with different artists, then this field should be set to true.

If the collaborator field is not properly configured, then iTunes will screw up the albums, either joining many albums into a single massive fake album, or else splitting an album into individual fake albums. That’s why this field is so critical to get right.

I don’t see a way to toggle this metadata entry in the current stable Picard release for macOS. Can we please make sure this field is included alongside the other ID3 fields?

Do you mean the iTunes Compilation field? Picard should be tagging that when appropriate. Check the comments on Compilation (iTunes), here:

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The name for this tag in Picard ins compilation, and it is set automatically for releases with album artist being the MusicBrainz Various Artists pseudo artists.

It is not automatically set for every release which has more than one track artists, but there is a separate variable _multiartist for this which you can use to set the compilation flag if you want this. Just use a script in Options > Scripting: