Confused Nubie

Hello everyone,

I have just started using MusicBrainz Picard. A bit confused about what to do about naming scripts that are available in the forums. I would appreciate some guidance please.

If I want to use this script , do I add the texts as an entry in the Options>Scripting section and enable tagger scripts checkbox? Also what do I do in the File Naming section? Should I uncheck rename files when saving?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

You would copy that script into the File Naming script section, and leave the rename files checked. From what I can tell, that naming script does not use anything in the scripting section of the options.


Yes. You just copy and paste into the ‘File Naming’ in the options section.
Then select ‘Rename files when saving’.
But please go here to keep updated:

There was a slight error, but I have just corrected it.


Many thanks for the guidance. I will give it a go. And @FragaGeddon thanks for the update. :slight_smile: