Confused Noobie - Can't add CD TOC

I am trying to attach a CD TOC/Disc ID to a release that already exists:

However, when I plop in my CD in Picard and “manual lookup” and search by that exact release name, it does not show up. Any ideas? I’m very confused.

Also - I managed to make an accidental duplicate release entry, but when I click remove it won’t delete…sorry about that!

What’s happened with your duplicate is that all your remove edits are stuck in the voting queue:

The first one would go through after 7 days, if there are no No votes. The rest would fail at that point.

But it’s just as well. You should cancel the remove edits and merge the two releases instead. On this page you can check the boxes and press the merge button, then choose Merge Mediums and Recordings:

Now, to load the release you want in Picard, you can just copy the url of the release page and paste it into the search box. Or just the release mbid, for that matter.


@nickgyver, by the way, if you have the jewel case with back/spine, it would be great if you could add a scan of the back cover art. Or maybe just add a scan of the medium. It would help the next person.:smiley:


or even better scan every thing you have. tho make sure that your barcode and Label and Cat. No match before you add anything