Confused about my CD

I own this Naxos CD: BACH, J.S.: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, Vol. 1 (Edinger) - 8.550569
As you can see, this is Volume 1.
Picard thinks this is a volume 2 of a two volume set on label “Analekta Fleurs de Lys”
This is indeed what I see when I search for the discid (LnxWz87eykRLG0gjHrPivmH9.n4-) on the MB website.
Here is the TOC as reported by cdparanoia:
Table of contents (audio tracks only):

track        length               begin        copy pre ch
  1.    24920 [05:32.20]        0 [00:00.00]    no   no  2
  2.    27980 [06:13.05]    24920 [05:32.20]    no   no  2
  3.    17475 [03:53.00]    52900 [11:45.25]    no   no  2
  4.    12825 [02:51.00]    70375 [15:38.25]    no   no  2
  5.    31275 [06:57.00]    83200 [18:29.25]    no   no  2
  6.    16760 [03:43.35]   114475 [25:26.25]    no   no  2
  7.    13015 [02:53.40]   131235 [29:09.60]    no   no  2
  8.    12375 [02:45.00]   144250 [32:03.25]    no   no  2
  9.    24600 [05:28.00]   156625 [34:48.25]    no   no  2
 10.    20125 [04:28.25]   181225 [40:16.25]    no   no  2
 11.    10992 [02:26.42]   201350 [44:44.50]    no   no  2
 12.    12233 [02:43.08]   212342 [47:11.17]    no   no  2
 13.    22807 [05:04.07]   224575 [49:54.25]    no   no  2
 14.    47113 [10:28.13]   247382 [54:58.32]    no   no  2
 15.    28892 [06:25.17]   294495 [65:26.45]    no   no  2
 16.    23173 [05:08.73]   323387 [71:51.62]    no   no  2
TOTAL  346560 [77:00.60]    (audio only)

How do I get this CD listed correctly in MB?

One answer - start by sticking your CD into Picard and upload the discID from there to the correct Release.

( anyone else reading the release is here: Release “The Six Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin” by Bach; James Ehnes - Disc IDs - MusicBrainz )

It could be that someone uploaded in error. Looking at the two CD2’s attached to that Release I expect this is an error.

It is possible to MOVE to the correct Release if this is the case. Which release is yours in the DB?

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There is a “Submit DiscID” button in the disc ID lookup dialog in Picard.

See How to Add Disc IDs - MusicBrainz

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I do not see my CD release in the DB; that is the problem.
And the problem is not to submit the discid. It’s in the DB, but, as far as this CD is concerned, the discid is associated with the wrong release.
I note that someone created a release for the second volume of the Naxos CD: barcode 8.550570
There is no entry for this barcode: 8.550569

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If the release is not yet in the database you can add it. When you submit your disc ID you have the option to either attach it to an existing release or add a new one.


Thanks. I just did that. I was unaware of cdstub

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It’s honestly a bit of an odd feature. The idea was that it would make it easy for people to submit fingerprints with only minimal set of metadata, and then people more involved could import releases from there and turn them into proper MB releases. In this regard CD stubs worked a bit like FreeDB, an easier way to contribute data, but also lower data quality.

For various reasons this feature never really got popular. There was a blog post that announced the feature as deprecated quite a while ago. I’m not sure, but might be that CD stub submission has already been disabled.

P.S. I wonder why your post above is shown as flagged. Might be some forum automatism triggered that, or maybe by mistake. @freso could you enable that post again?

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