Conditionally add release year based on album artist brainfart

I had such a good script but the computer I set it up on died. I’m trying to recreate what I did there and having the shietiest time of it.

For Various Artist albums, I do not want the release year. The rest of my collection, yes, of course I want it. I just do not usually look for soundtracks by their year, so I want those different.

Desired outcome example:
/Various Artists/Tank Girl/03-Girl U Want.mp3
/Alabama Shakes/2012-Boys & Girls/01-Hold On.mp3

I’m pretty sure my VariousArtistsCheck is what is wrong. I think I need to have something different there to have that read correctly but I don’t know enough to know what to search in the documentation. I tried surrounding it with single and double quotes and that didn’t seem to work. My if is always resolving to false.

$set(VariousArtistCheck, Various Artists)


It was the space. Jesus in heaven.

no workie
$set(VariousArtistCheck, Various Artists)

$set(VariousArtistCheck,Various Artists)

I really hate myself sometimes.


In case anyone ever finds this and wants to do something similar, here’s my script so far:

$set(VariousArtistCheck,Various Artists)
$set(AlphabeticalFolderOn,-= $upper($left(%albumartist%,1)) =-/)
$set(YearAlbum,$if($not($eq(%albumartist%,%VariousArtistCheck%)),$left(%date%,4) - %album%,%album%))
$set(DiscFolder,$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc $num(%discnumber%,1)/)
$set(Track, $if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1), $num(%discnumber%,1) - )$num(%tracknumber%,2) - ))
$set(Title,%title%$if($eq(%albumartist%,%VariousArtistCheck%), \(%artists%\)))


I go back and forth on the parent alphabet folder, so having a present on/off for it is convenient.

Example output currently:
/Various Artists/Tank Girl/03-Girl U Want (DEVO).mp3
/Alabama Shakes/2012-Boys & Girls/01-Hold On.mp3

Yes, the scripting language is quite sensitive to spaces. The “everything is a string” approach in the scripting makes it often easier to use and more accessible to non-programmers, but it can really hurt readability and conflict with your intuition if you are used at formatting other programming languages


for sure! Running albums through this now and it appears to be working as expected. I should probably go through and remove those extra spaces though. for consistency.