Complexlogic's ReplayGain 2.0 plugin and multi-discs

Does the plugin work across directory folders/discs?

My limited understanding is that rsgain itself works on all audio files within a single folder and thus multiple discs/folders would be acted on as individual albums rather than a single release.

Does complexlogic’s (thank you for the plugin) work the same or through picard will it take files across folders and treat them as a single album?

I’m not the author of the plugin, but I took a look at the code.

This is correct.


For the album gain calculations in the plugin, the files are grouped according to their Release in Picard (i.e., albums in the right window pane). The files don’t necessarily need to be located in the same folder on your filesystem, unlike in the rsgain “Easy Mode” interface.


Awesome, was hoping for that, thank you for the plugin.

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