Complexity of Marking a Cluster with * if all tracks are the same Artist?

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Like how an Album has all tracks matched, it will get * on it’s icon.

In this case, on the left side, to indicate of a Cluster has all the same artist or album within that cluster?

This really is some great stuff! With all these various tweaks I’ve got a Swiss Army Knife of File Sorting Extreme.

I’d like to use the core of the left side sorting against a naming script for other things. But that’s another project. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: That’s not when the little * is added to the icon. Instead, the * is added whenever an album contains any changes to be saved. (Unfortunately, if you’re using cover art, it basically gets added all the time, see PICARD-1001). The tooltip of the album will then also change to “Album modified”. If all the tracks of an album have a file associated with them, the icon will also turn gold. The tooltip will then also change to “Album modified and complete”.

I do understand why such an indicator would be useful, but I think this approach has two problems:

  • tracks with different album names don’t end up in the same cluster in the first place (at least I’ve never seen that and haven’t managed to produce such a case while testing this right now)
  • “all the same artist” if not a good indicator of anything for a large amount of music - every album that uses artist credits (or something that looks like them) would never qualify for the *.

Same concept, but different criteria, yes. If within the cluster all artists match.

I actually wouldn’t want all the albums to be in the same cluster, though if they were, they still can be separated during saving by %album%. The intent is to be able to work through a “big ol’e festering mess” of totally disorganized in a process of elimination like way.

Say, sorting sole artist releases vs. compilation releases.

Those compilations that get broken up tagged/scanned and matched to artist’s albums instead of the group they were already in. To be able to quickly go down the cluster list and pick each one of whatever you’re looking for, and presumably have the path to save to set different at that time, so you can get all the sole artist stuff into one place, all the multiple artist stuff into another place during separate passes when saving from the left.

…and anything that uses artist credits wouldn’t get an indicator, but all the ones that absolutely do, would.

It’s somewhat easy to tell by the release name if it’s a multi-artist, or single artist compilation. By segregating out the stuff that most definitely will not be a typical single artist, single album release out of there from the start.

The target of such a feature is beneficial on the left side, the right side already takes care of that … this just would make moving releases over, loading to an album, less work.

Picard is an excellent tagger. But getting to that point can be a lot of work sometimes, so why not use some interactive fuzzy logic along the way to make that last phase go smoother. :slight_smile: