Compilation albums

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Re Plex and various artists a few compilations are listed as albums and most listed as compilations…even though the albums are all sorted in musicbrainz the same ie as type ‘album+compilation’. does anyone know why a few will prioritise the ‘album’ element of the type whilst most will prioritise ‘compilation’? have checked and double checked and see no reason why they should be sorted differently. they should all be the same either as an album or a compilation. Anyone any ideas?? :slight_smile:


I also use Plex and had compilation albums sorted wrong – I want all the compilations treated as compilations. Some were wrong in musicbrainz, so I fixed them and refreshed the metadata in Plex for the album or artist but no luck. But when I refreshed the metadata for my whole music library it did the trick. Maybe it will work for you?

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Honestly, if you can ever figure this out please let me know. I gave up ages ago with Plex and compilations as it just seems to get very confused and started making multiple artists and various other bugs.