Compilation albums being split into single artists & putting multi-Disc album tracks into their respective discs

Hi, Im new to Musicbrainz Picard but am loving it. My issue is though when I add a compilation album with all various artists it splits the album up into folders of each artist and when I click on that artists folder there is a sub-folder with the name of the album im trying to tag with the single track inside.The naming expression im using,%artist%/(%date%) %album%/ %title%, works flawlessly with single band albums it just messes up my Comp albums. Also is there a way that if an album has multiple discs, then when tagging and sorting in Picard to move all the tracks into their respective discs?

Use %albumartist% instead of %artist% for the folder name.

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That worked a treat. Thanks so much. That was driving me spare lol. Now I just need to work out how to make the multi-disc albums save their tracks in their respective disc folders lol. Dont suppose you’d know how to do that would you :grin:

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The default naming script already included the disc number, with a bit tweaking this can be used to create a folder. I am not sure how exactly you want it, but if e.g. you want something like:

(2000-12-14) Album Name (Disc 1)/
(2000-12-14) Album Name (Disc 2)/

Then try instead of just (%date%) %album%/

(%date%) %album%$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1), \(Disc %discnumber%\),)/
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so do I add that line under the naming expression im already using or instead of?

As part of, instead of the part where you currently have (%date%) %album%/

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Also, if you add a slash (/) before the “(Disc” in outsidecontext’s script fragment, it will produce subfolders called (Disc 1), (Disc 2), etc. If you choose that option, you might want to get rid of the parenthesis.

(%date%) %album%$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),/Disc %discnumber%,)/

Will produce:

  • (2000-12-14) Album Name\
    • Disc 1\
    • Disc 2\